Setting Up An ATT Online Account

An American multinational telecommunications corporation, ATT Inc.’s headquarters is at Whitacre Tower in Dallas, Texas. In the United States it is the second largest provider of fixed telephone and mobile telephone. ATT also offers broadband subscription television services. In addition, ATT is the third biggest company in Texas. Since May 2014, ATT was the 23rd biggest company all over the world based on a composite of assets, market value, profits, and revenues and the 16th largest non-oil company. Since 2014, it is the 20th biggest mobile telecom operator all over the world, with its more than 118.7 million mobile customers.

ATT Inc. as it currently is began as Southwestern Bell Corporation, 1 of 7 Regional Bell Operating Companies or RBOCs, created in 1983 during the divestiture of parent company American Telephone and Telegraph Company because of the United States versus ATT antitrust lawsuit. In 1995, Southwestern Bell altered its company name to SBC Communications Inc. By 2005, SBC Communications Inc. bought former parent ATT Corp. and took its branding, with the merged group naming itself as ATT Inc. It now uses the iconic ATT Corp. stock-trading symbol and logo. The present ATT has much of the previous Bell System and has 10 of the original 22 Bell Operating Companies, as well as the partly owned Southern New England Telephone, and the original long distance division.

Hence, if you already have an ATT account, all you need is a mobile device, a desktop, or a laptop that has a safe and reliable connection to the Internet. You also need a web browser program, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Of course, it is required for you to have your ATT my account details all ready for plugging in online.

One of the advantages of having an ATT login is it can be opened in all web browser programs. Then, you can use your account to monitor your phone usage, pay your phone bills, and the like.

Found below are the procedures and pictures to assist you in getting your ATT my account online.

• Open a web browser program and go to the ATT home page at Click on the “Register today” link on the right side of the webpage.

at t wireless login

• Do not expect that the webpage will look like the picture above. Nonetheless, you should try to look for the “Register today” link on the webpage and click it. You can also go directly to so you have no need to go first to the ATT main webpage.

• You should always take into account that there might be cases where you can see another person’s ATT Email login and not the last webpage like in the picture on top. In these cases, you should sign out first. Then, just reload the page. If it occurs that the page is still not showing on the screen, you should just delete the cookies, cache, and/or passwords from the web browser program you are currently using. If you still cannot find the webpage with its links, close your web browser and open the ATT webpage on a new one.

• Next, select the account you’d like to manage. From the dropdown list of “Account Type”, pick either “Wireless”, “U-verse TV, Internet & Voice”, and “Home Phone, Internet & Digital TV”. login my account

• If you have a “Wireless” account and want an ATT wireless login, provide your “Wireless Number” and “Billing Zip Code” and click on “Next”. Note that you must enter your wireless number to link your wireless account to your ATT access ID or even ATT family map login. The ZIP code you provide must be the ZIP code on your bill. email home page

• If you have a “U-verse TV, Internet & Voice” account and want an ATT Uverse login, give your “Billing Account Number or AT&T Email Address” and “Billing ZIP Code” and click on “Next”. Note that to link your online account to your ATT access ID, you should enter your U-verse billing account number or ATT email address. mail log in

• Finally, if you have a “Home Phone, Internet & Digital TV” account, provide your “Billing Account Number or Phone Number” and “Billing ZIP Code” and click on “Next”. email login

• ATT will then check their database for the details you have provided if it matches their records. If they cannot find it, make sure you entered your information correctly. Note, however, that to protect your information, ATT locks accounts after many unsuccessful login attempts.

• Afterwards, you will be brought to the next step, which is creating your ID and password. Next, you will have to confirm your details.

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